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While I was not unhappy to see that the labour majority in my home constituency was much reduced, more concerning was reading the Respect manifesto (pdf) - where most of the votes had gone - particularly when you get to the 'economics' (I use the term advisedly) page at the end.

It is somewhat frightening that anyone can believe in these economic policies sufficiently to actually elect an MP from this party:
A massive cut in military spending. Disband Britain's weapons of mass destruction, scrap nuclear weapons, decommission Trident
Transfer resources from military to useful production, nationalise the arms industry
Abolish VAT, as an indirect tax, and replace it with increased direct taxation
Raise the top rate of income tax
Raise the tax threshold to ensure that no one on the minimum wage pays income tax
A big increase in corporation tax, with an additional tax on the super-profits profits of the oil companies and the banks
A turnover tax on multinationals doing businesses in Britain
Raise the top rate of inheritance tax whilst putting higher duties on other transfers of wealth and financial transaction
Increased stamp duty on stocks and shares
A crack down on tax evasion by big companies and action against offshore tax havens
Abolish the ceiling on National Insurance contributions
Oh well, at least they stood no chance of forming a government - I'll be thankful for small mercies!
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