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Use Google to search for images of the things in this list and post to your LJ.

  • Home Town

  • Place you now live

  • Name

  • Favourite Food

  • Favourite Drink

  • Favourite Band

  • Favourite Smell

  • Favourite style of Shoes

Home townMore of a small village actually, Little Maplestead (population 294, in 110 households)  is only really known for its round church.  Dating to some time before 1184, and built by the Knights Templar, extensively refurbished by the Victorians, it is one of only four remaining round churches in the UK.'The Round Church', Little Maplested
Image context:

Place I now live
Tokyo, Japan as photographed by one of the best digital photographers I have come across.  Look at Ron Reznick's Japan gallery to see how poor my own snapshots of Japan are.
View from Roppongi Hills
Image context:

Well, as there's not a single picture of me shows up when you search Google for me, I was left with the option of either putting up a namesake or finding another image.  In the end I settled for a quite stunning image taken by the professional Garden Photographer, Mark Bolton.
Mark Bolton's (not me) crocus image
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Favourite food
French country cooking, probably influenced by the family holiday cottage in the Limousin.
French country kitchen
Image context:

Favourite drink
Wine, chosen to illustrate with a nice French red... but I could equally have chosen a Lebanese wine, or one from Australia.
Château Calon-Ségur
Image context:

Favourite band
Of the moment, Caliko. An unsigned band who are just about to bring out their second CD.
Image context:

Favourite smell
Nothing beats the great outdoors. Alpine meadows, no traffic etc. etc.
Mountain meadow
Image context:

Favourite style of shoes
Nothing beats a pair of Church's shoes. Indeed this design is what I wear most of the time.
Church's shoes
Image context:
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