Jan. 1st, 2007

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Just a quick note to the world - Gmail (googlemail in the UK) works admirably as a spam filter.

I have a couple of my own domains and was drowning in spam (junk) email. So far I have been forwarding all of my email through gmail and then back to myself for a fortnight. Statistics so far are approximately (it's the false negatives that are approximate as I have not been labelling them as such to keep count of them):

1,248 Total emails received
210 Good emails received
1,038 Spam emails received (vast majority being identified by Gmail as spam - see below)

2 False positives (i.e. good emails inappropriately marked by Gmail as spam - both were circulars (one Japanese, one English), but ones I wanted)
~25 False negatives (i.e. spam emails not appropriately identified - mainly delivery failure messages where the spoofed from address was at my domain)

This includes email (spam and valid) in both Japanese and English, so I do not think these results are too bad.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cairmen for initially making the post that put me on to this. I've not seen him post his promised results, but hope others find the above useful.

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